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About Me 

I have multiple relationships with sexuality.


I am a sex surrogate who does surrogate partner therapy. Information for my surrogate partner therapy services are here.


I have led workshops all over the US for thousands of people, and have hosted play parties, workshops and done 1:1 session work for over a decade. I have been interviewed for podcasts and documentaries. I am gifted with the ability to quickly build intimacy and have high quality connective intimacy with strangers. And then to turn that intimacy into powerful experiences. 


The other side of me identifies with the Greek God Pan and is a complete enabler who has a superpower for play. And sex IS how adults play. I deeply believe that fun is one of the most undervalued tools, and that life is too important to take seriously. I enjoy filming content, helping people have their fantasies become realities and making a "meh" party into a "FUCK YES, any single thing can happen" PARTY! I am also willing to do damn near anything to make sure people have a blast. I lead a festival camps of 75 people and can safely say I'm a professional at having fun. Let me do that for you! 



2 Truths and a Lie:


1) My name is actually Riley Coyote. 

2) Consent, respect and communication are non-negotiables. That includes regular testing, navigating boundaries with no expectations, and choosing honesty every time. 

3) I am an incredible dancer and will gladly make sure any dance floor is lit for you and your crew. And then I'll make sure all the bridesmaids sleep well....with my mouth. 

(My name isn't Riley Fucking Coyote)

"As soon as you are born, you start dying.

So you might as well have a good time."


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