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Turning Fantasy Into Reality

I am the ultimate enabler and am excited to help you turn your fantasies into realities in a safe and thoughtful way. Your explorations can involve me or it may not. I have over a a decade of experience organizing sexual events, helping people explore their bodies, and leading hands-on sexual workshops (on a wide variety of sexual topics) for thousands of people around the country. I am most well known for teaching squirting workshops. I deeply believe that fantasies should become reality since you got one life. 

I am also a caretaker and am happy to just provide quality company full of levity, good conversations and pleasurable company. I have a masters degree from MIT, have had several different careers, trained in Thai and tantric massage, lived in a bunch of cities, traveled, and made bad decisions. I will be an escape to help you be wherever you want to be, whether enjoying a night in with your boyfriend, a fire and deep conversation or doing karaoke of bad pop country using a dildo as a microphone. I will take you there. All you have to do is cum... 

What Everyone's Saying...

"Riley has the ability to help you unlock your own power while making you feel safe and cherished. You will be able to relax and trust you are in good hands. He takes the time to get to know you personally and get to know your needs crafting a personalized experience."

“This event truly changed my life.”

"As a woman in this culture, it's deeply healing to be with a man who has no agenda other than to honor and respect your body and sexuality."

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